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Terena is a beautiful village of the Alentejo region, on the Évora district. Here you can visite:

- The imposing Castle which was one of the pillars in Guandiana line of defense at the time the boundary of the Upper Guadiana is of strategic importance to the Portuguese crown - can climb the walls and enjoy a splendid view to lose sight of the horizon;

- The Shrine of the Boa Nova - one of the few fortress-churches in Europe and a stronghold of the most visited monuments in the Evora region;

- The historic center of Terena with its typical narrow streets and houses;

- The churchyard of the Church which provides them with a beautiful view over the village of Terena;

- The beautiful and inspiring Lucefecit Dam - there you can swim, picnic, hiking, etc.;

- The beautiful well maintained garden of Terena;

- The Roman Bridge;

- Enjoy the flora and fauna;

- The gastronomy;

- The neighboring regions, such as Vila Viçosa, Monsaraz, Évora, Alqueva, Badajoz, etc.;

- the vineyards;

- The potteries;

- When night falls you will have a magnificent starry sky to contemplate;

- Enjoy nature and its sounds (crickets, birds, etc.).