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Yosemite Falls

Wikipedia lists this waterfall as the world's third highest and sixth highest. A user comment on the Image:Yosemitefalls.jpg image indicated that it was the fifth highest. Since it doesn't really matter to the article, let's just leave things as "one of the world's highest" unless someone can come up with a definitive rank. -- Ryan 01:15, 12 Jul 2005 (EDT)

Even better, WikiPedia:Yosemite Falls not only says it is the sixth as you mentioned, but the image caption in the article says it's the 18th. Totally agree with "one of the world's highest." -- Colin 20:50, 9 November 2006 (EST)

I live and work in Yosemite National Park. Yosemite Falls is in fact the highest waterfall in North America at almost 2500 vertical feet of rise over the three different stages. That makes the falls the 5th highest in the world. Just some clarification for anyone that was interested. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Jpete2296 (talkcontribs)


I've removed the section on rafting since according to there is no rafting on either the Tuolumne or Merced rivers within the park. -- Ryan 13:14, 16 Jul 2005 (EDT)

Yosemite Valley Image

Hopefully the new Yosemite Valley image works better, but as always feel free to change things around - the image change was supposed to be followed by a (tongue-in-cheek) "subject to Colin's stamp of approval", but work-related matters intervened and I got sidetracked. Also, I went through my Yosemite pictures and none seemed particularly noteworthy, but am always willing to include any of them in the article. -- Ryan 14:57, 1 Aug 2005 (EDT)

I had a change of heart about the main image, so I went digging through my stash of photos. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything that was iconic for Yosemite, but hopefully the new main image is OK - feel free to change if desired. I also removed an older image that was basically a close-up of a cliff with trees sticking into the frame - Yosemite is a really beautiful place, so we can probably do better. -- Ryan 17:36, 9 November 2006 (EST)

anyone have insight on biking in Yosemite?

Biking seems to have been missed.

where to rent bike trail map if you bring your own bikes can you carry them onto the shuttles instead of conjuring a parking place on Valley floor?

I don't think it was missed so much as no one who was a biker has yet edited this article. Feel free to take a look at (it is public domain so can be copied) and add any relevant info to this page. Also, if you create an account and log in it makes conversations easier, and you can sign your posts with four tildes ("~~~~"). Or not, just a suggestion! -- Ryan 13:59, 31 May 2006 (EDT)

What to Bring

Can someone include information on what to bring (particularly for small day hikes)? Try to assume that there are inexperienced folks who just want to see the sites!

I also have some questions on safety safe is it for two young students of small stature to be travelling to Yosemite alone? We will be depending on Amtrak as we do not drive, and we are having trouble planning this trip!

Thanks. 17:23, 28 June 2006 (EDT)Bloody Rox

You can rent bikes in shops in the valley. However...There aren't many trails that they actually allow riding on. Your much better off strapping a pack to your back and hitting up some of the 800 miles of hiking trails. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Jpete2296 (talkcontribs)


Can someone link a few good maps of the valley area?

Restaurant updates

Someone spent a lot of time updating the restaurant descriptions, and some of this information is helpful, but at the same time quite a lot of it reads like a rant. Colorful reviews are fine, but it's probably also not good to be so negative as to sound like a bitter patron (see Wikitravel:Avoid negative reviews as well). I've reverted (for now) and moved here, and hopefully some of this can be updated and put back into the main article.

  • Ahwahnee Dining Room, +1-209-372-1489, [1]. An upscale restaurant in Yosemite Valley serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Be aware that there is a "resort casual" dress code for dinners, meaning shorts and jeans are not acceptable attire, and that dinner reservations are recommended. At the far end of the dining room is The Alove, which features a 30 foot floor to ceiling window that perfeclty frames Yosemite Falls. There are only 4 tables in The Alcove. Two of these tables have names, The Honeymoon table and The Queens table. The Honeymoon table seats 2 and is placed against the massive window. The Queens table is probably the most coveted tabel in the dining room. It seats 4 people and is placed in the center of the alcove. This table offers the best view of yosemite falls in the dining room. It is also a notoriously hard table to get. My best advice is to reserve it at least three months in advance. When you make the resevation, speak directly with the dining room manager, currently that would be Bryan Hamil. Once you get the reservation, confirm it every week until you arrive. They have been known to kill reservations if a VIP suddenly shows up and decides they want it, so keep on them. I have direct knowledge of this happening to somebody when Jennifer Annsiton and Brad Pitt showed up. And if this happens don't expect too much sympathy from the waitstaff. They know they'll get better tips from the VIP's ($250+). They'll do some song and dance appology about how the table was "accidentally" over booked, maybe offer a free dessert. The best time to reserve the Queens table with the highest probability of actually geting it is in January, when the dining room first opens. Show up 30 minutes before the dining room opens and circle like a vulture, this is no time to be timid, make sure they know you've got the reservation and fight for it. Don't go for the "We'll call you when it's ready", you leave the host stand - you lose the table. You come back in twenty minutes and try to get another time estimate and all you're gonna get is, "we tried calling you and you didn't show up so we already seated somebody else at that table". Yes, this table really is this hard to get. Don't make a reservation for it even one hour after they open for dinner, people love the view and linger at it twice as long as all the other tables. So if you make a 6 o'clock reservation, the people who had the 5 o'clock reservation are probably going to be there for another hour, you're either going to wait a long time or be seated at another table, and it will be a table as far away from it, and the view, as possible for good reson. While extremly rare, people who have been denied the queens table have been know to dump their drinks in the laps of people siiting at the Queens table as they are leaving. The waitstaff is hopeful that the added distance will further minimize these occurances. Also, if Brian Wunderlich is the captain of servers when you arrive, put a c note in his palm right away. He is a true beliver in the favor system and he will be your best friend, and you will have an absolutley wonderful time.
  • The Mountain Room, [2]. Open daily year-round, this dining room is located in Yosemite Lodge and offers dinner with a view of Yosemite Falls. A significant portion of its menu includes organic and sustainable food. Food and service that's just as good as the Ahwahnee with menu prices that are 20% less and without that pesky dresscode (dig out them Bermuda Shorts).
  • Yosemite Lodge Food Court. Serving cafeteria-style meals in Yosemite Lodge. Offers breakfast, lunch and dinner year-round. The executive chef of the Mountain Room is also in charge of the food in this facility, and it really shows that he puts all his efforts into the Mountain Room,
  • Pavilion Buffet. Located in Curry Village, this buffet offers both a breakfast and a dinner buffet.
  • Curry Village Taco Stand. Burritos, tacos, nachos, ice cream and beverages. Open Seasonally from April to October. The best mexican food that ever came out of a can. Or as we like to say, "We got the freshest cans in the valley". If you goto a Taco Bell on a hot summer day when they first open, get a bag of whatever. Allow the food to sit in the car until sunset (DON'T TURN ON THE AC, DON'T OPEN THE WINDOWS) and then eat it, it will still taste better than what they serve at the Taco Stand.
  • Curry Village Pizza Patio. Pizza and salads. Open March through December. The product offered is nearly identical in quality and price as the Loft, however if alot, and I do mean alot, of lound, obnoxious people aren't your cup of tea, avoid this place like the plague.
  • Curry Village Ice Cream & Coffee Corner. Open March through December.
  • Village Grill. Fast food in Yosemite Village. Open from spring through fall. All burgers and sandwiches come dry, ketchup, mustard, mayo, and barbecue sauce available at the condiment station. Also, the summer of '07, we had Ukranian employees who had never seen or heard of a hamburger (yeah, my jaw was on the floor too), so don't expect your order to be right until a couple months after it opens.
  • Degnan's Loft. Open seasonally to the general public, offering pizza, salads and soups in Yosemite Village. Open to the public from April to October from 12pm to 9pm. Open only to park employees and residents November through March from 5pm to midnight (last call at 11:30pm). Pizzas and salads are available only from 5pm to 9pm. They also add pool tables and video games during the winter. They are removed during tourist season to maximize seating. Traveler hint: If you go during the winter just tell them you just started working in the park, someplace remote like wawona. then they'll understand why they don't recognize you and let you in. Plus, at the order counter, there is an employee sign in sheet that employees must sign to get a 50% discount on menu prices. Immediatly go to sign this as if you know what your'e doing. The fisrt column is where you print your name, make sure you print, some cashiers aren't to picky on this but don't take the chance, the second columnn is where you fill in your employee number, all employees numbers are six digits and since your'e posing as a new employee make sure the first number is a 2 or 3, the other numbers don't matter so you can make up anything for the other five. However it would mean a great deal to me if you use mine, 150200. The next column specifies the type of discount, 50%, manager meal, or meal card. Check the box in the 50% Column. If they push you for your employee id just say you forgot it and reiterate you just started at wawona. If they ask if anybody knows you, tell them you know lynette dean (she's a head honcho at human resources), and you just met her today to process your human resouces paperwork. And by the time the Loft opens HR has closed and won't be able to verify. But I know nobody there cares enough to be that thourogh. If you need back up info the name of the company that runs Yosemite is Delaware North Co. but we all just call it DNC. This trick should also work at most other dining venues excluding The Ahwahnee and The Mountain Room. This trick is even more effective at the Village Grill during the summer when they are so busy they just want to keep the line moving, they don't care who you are and will just want you to fill in the sign in sheet as fast as poosible, and get you in and out as fast as possible. If you are african american, talk with a jamaican accent and we'll just think you're one of the jamaican employees here on a H2B work visa. Remember it gets you 50% off menu prices at the Curry Pavillion buffet, the Curry pizza deck, the Curry taco stand, the Village Grill, Degnan's Loft, and the Yosemite Lodge food court.
  • Degnan's Cafe. Next to Degan's Loft, serving pastries, coffee and ice cream. Open Summer Season.
  • Degnan's Deli. Open year-round and offering standard deli fare, located in Yosemite Village.
  • Happy Isles Snack Stand. Offering drinks and snacks during the summer. Located near the Happy Isles nature center. All the same snack goodies as they sell at the Village Store but with a slight mark up, 500%.

-- Ryan • (talk) • 11:22, 7 February 2008 (EST)

Rental homes

As the article notes, there are a number of private rental homes available in the park. Today I removed two ([3] and [4]) that were for single homes - this is a star article, and per Wikitravel:Goals and non-goals it shouldn't be a yellow pages, but should instead feature items of the most use to travelers. I'm afraid that listing individual properties is a slippery slope towards an article that is less focused on travelers and more focused on providing exposure for property owners, but am starting a discussion in case others feel that a revert was inappropriate. -- Ryan • (talk) • 20:45, 11 January 2012 (EST)