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A disambiguation page for "York" - not necessary?


I am going to guess this one falls under the "To Famous" catagory.... see disambiguation -- Tom Holland (xltel) 20:50, 10 March 2006 (EST)
I would guess likewise (but you never know for sure - look at Ontario (province))...
Anyway I'll leave it well alone unless someone suggests otherwise.

Added myself as a docent for this destination as I lived there for nearly a decade and a half and worked as a tour guide for a few years. --Dazzla 11:38, 4 August 2010 (EDT)

Never understood Tang Hall's reputation for being 'dangerous' - I've heard it elsewhere too. I grew up there and I work nearby now and I've never had any problems at all. It's working class, sure, but I've never seen any threatening behaviour there. --Dazzla (talk) 04:18, 23 August 2017 (EDT)

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