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List moved from See sectionEdit

Wikitravel positively discourages bland lists with no details. The following was cut from the See section in this aritcle. If anyone has details such as location, description, contact etc, please do add them back.--Burmesedays 02:24, 20 May 2011 (EDT)

Yantai Hill

Yantai Beaches

Ta-Shan Mountain

Changyu Winery

Nanshan Park

Yantai Museum

Empty Island

Horse Raising Island

Penglai Pavilion

Penglai's Dan Cliffs

Penglai Ocean Aquarium World

Longkou Cliffs

Weihai Coastline

Yantai West Seaport

Long Island (Chang Dao)

Weihai Golf-Course

Yantai Yuhuangding Park

Mountain Yunfeng

Zhifu Island

Yunding Natural Landscape Tourist Area

Huanghai Recreation Center

Nanshan Scenic Spot Zone

Fujian Guildhall

Dings' Former Domicile

Moushi Demesne

Mountain Kunyu

Qingdao-Yantai via water?Edit

Is there ferry or boat service to/from Qingdao? It looks like the short distance via train is a terribly long 4 hrs. I'm sure car rental is possible but not sure of the price. Zepppep (talk) 00:17, 8 July 2014 (EDT)

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