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(Reasons why the "Understand" section was removed.)
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Revision as of 21:38, 18 December 2005

I removed the content of the "Understand" section because it was factually incorrect and biased. First, it claimed that "Wisconsin has the nation's most liberal drinking-and-driving laws." The legal limit in Wisconsin, 0.08%, is the same as the majority of states in the U.S., although many others have an even higher limit of 0.1%, and many states have less harsh penalties for first offenses than does Wisconsin. It is incorrect, therefore, to state that Wisconsin's laws are the "most liberal".

Further, the "Understand" section went on to claim that "Wisconsinites do not have a strong independent culture," offering as evidence: "Many root for the Chicago Cubs or Minnesota Twins, for example." This is an unsupported opinion of the author and one with which most Wisconsinites would strongly disagree. Even using sports teams as proxy for culture, the state of Wisconsin proudly supports the Green Bay Packers football team, the Milwaukee Brewers and Bucks baseball and basketball teams, and the various sports teams of the University of Wisconsin. Support for each of these teams far exceeds any pockets of support for Chicago or Minnesota sports teams.

The paragraph went on to say, "They do not speak like Canadians as in the movie Fargo." Fargo was a motion picture set in Northern Minnesota, not in Canada. Regardless, this negative contrast is not a useful one to make, and this blank discussion of regional accents adds nothing for potential visitors.

I am working on some replacement content.