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Train scehedule from main page

The below was removed from the main article because a schedule is not the best information to have in the article due to the fact that it may change. What would be better is to have a few paragraphs explaining the possibilities along major routes. -- Ilkirk 15:17, 4 Nov 2005 (EST)

It looks like this info, or something similar, has been put back in the article. I'd like to echo Ilkirk and say that a descriptive paragraph is much more useful than scheduling information. It's really not the easiest format to read for one, and will be very difficult to maintain as times and route can change often. Plus, we're not going to be able to list all the routes in Europe, not even just the major ones, and still have a useful article. Maybe just mention the unique or special ones (ie TGV Orient Express etc)? and then more an overview of trans-europe train travel (ie moving between major systems, system-wide rail cards, etc) with links into the country articles for more info...

selected trains

  • THA 9496 Liege-Guillemins (6:40) - Namur - Charleroi Sud - Mons - Paris Nord (9:44)
  • THA 9499 Paris Nord (19:13) - Mons - Charleroi Sud - Namur - Liege-Guillemins (22:17)
  • EC 305/EC 304 Paris Est (10:49) - Chalons-en-Champagne - Bar-le-Duc - Metz Ville - Hagondange - Thionville - Luxembourg (14:35)
  • EC 327/EC 326 Luxembourg (12:32) - Thionville - Hagondange - Metz Ville - Paris Est (16:11)
  • RE 37517/RE 37516 Hayange (7:09) - Thionville - Hettange Grande - Luxembourg (7:53)
  • RE 37527/RE 37526 Nancy Ville (9:59) - Pont-a-Mousson - Pagny-sur-Moselle - Metz Ville - Hagondange - Thionville - Bettembourg - Luxembourg (11:46)
  • RE 37681/RE 37680 Luxembourg (17:45) - Hettange Grande - Thionville - Hayange (18:20)


Since when western Europe is limited to UK/Benelux/France ?? I am sorry but those countries doesn't share any common point in terms of Geography, culture, language or climate. France doesn't even have border with the UK and Netherlands. France, as a latin catholic and mediterranean country has nothing to do with northern European countries such as UK and Netherlands.


not only this "region" is completlty inacurate, but the map is wrong: Corsica is part of France.