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Closed listings

The two BFM websites I found links to are dead, and so is the phone (which worked fine in early 2008—I checked with the curator before adding the listing). I've sent them an email to double check whether they're still operating, but until I hear back, I'll presume that they are closed.

  • Black Fashion Museum, 2007 Vermont Ave NW, +1 202 667-0744 (, fax: +1 202 667-4379), [1]. By appointment only. A very small, family-run museum documenting the history of African-Americans and the world of fashion. It features (among other exhibits) the inaugural gown of Mary Todd Lincoln (designed by a former slave), Jackie Kennedy's wedding gown, and the dress Rosa Parks was sewing when she refused to give up her bus seat. (And the museum was founded by Lois Lane—no joke!) It's only open to the public via guided tour, for which you should call Ms. Joyce Bailey at least a week in advance. $2.