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Err, I know this is just a start, but this is making me think of Wikitravel:Slippery slopes . We really want to avoid lists, can this be turned into more of an article? Maybe some intro text on the issue, and then sections for different types of family travel issues? We need to better define the whole Travel topics area, but this might be a good test case...Majnoona

Re: Although a 5 year old child may be able to travel across town, to and from school, on a bus or commuter train, such short routine trips are relatively low risk, with the child's absence or non-arrival at their destination likely to be noticed promptly.

Maybe I should go live in New Zealand, because here in Belgium I wouldn't let a 5 year old take public transport alone, even if it would be a known route. Actually, these days I have never seen one do it. In my eyes, the parents would be extremely irresponsible. And, seriously, I wouldn't let them do it in New Zealand either... Akubra 15:33, 2 Apr 2004 (EST)

I concur. I don't think it's safe anywhere in the world, though in places which are inadequately aware of child sexual abuse (like the U.S. thirty years ago), I'm sure it still happens. -- Colin 15:55, 2 Apr 2004 (EST)
Update: I ripped the sentence out. -- Colin 23:39, 4 May 2004 (EDT)


Some more things that families might like to do, and that children enjoy, would be a good addition to this article. At the moment it's too strongly focussed on "children don't like X", "X may forbid children" and so on. Hypatia 08:49, 3 July 2006 (EDT)