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Mesa Verde

From Eat:

  • Mesa Verde - Far View Terrace Navajo Hill @ Mile 15, inside Mesa Verde - 529-4444
  • Mesa Verde - Metate Room Navajo Hill @ Mile 15, inside Mesa Verde - 529-4423
  • Mesa Verde - Spruce Tree Terrace 9 miles inside Mesa Verde - 529-4521

Is "Mesa Verde" refering to the park? if so, these should be moved to the Mesa Verde National Park page... I just wasn't sure... Majnoona 16:02, 19 April 2006 (EDT)


Can we axe the counties list? I feel that this region is highly unlikely to ever be subdivided into county articles, and besides that unlikely possibility, a flat list of county names is highly irrelevant for the traveller. Texugo 23:18, 27 January 2009 (EST)

Deleted. The Counties List is too granular a breakdown for regions. WineCountryInn 12:56, 30 January 2009 (EST)

Cites List

Cleaning up the cities lists ofr all the Colorado regions. The three largest communities, Delta, Gunnison and Montrose are not represented here, and the list is highly centered on the southwestern part of the region. I vote that we replace Creede, Mancos and Dolores with these three towns. WineCountryInn 12:56, 30 January 2009 (EST)