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Southern California, for Wikitravel, is a region in the southwest of California. It encompasses Los Angeles and San Diego, as well as all the cities in that area.


  • West: Pacific Ocean (but Santa Catalina Island and the Channel Islands are included)
  • North: The Grapevine on highway 5, and that part of highway 101 where it leaves the coast north of Santa Barbara
  • South: The Mexican border
  • East: The Inland Empire, although I'm not sure what the traditional border for this is

Here's a hierarchy for the region. Note that we don't normally do this kind of hierarchical list thing for articles -- it looks terrible, and isn't really useful -- but it can help us hash stuff out.

  • Southern California <region>
    • Santa Barbara area <region> (name for this)
      • Santa Barbara <city>
      • Carpenteria <city>
      • Goleta <city>
      • Isla Vista <city>
      • Channel Islands <city>
    • Ventura County <region>
      • Ventura <city>
      • Oxnard <city>
    • North Bay (Southern California) <region>
      • Malibu <city>
      • Santa Monica <city>
      • Venice Beach <city>
    • South Bay (Southern California) <region>
      • Manhattan Beach <city>
      • Hermosa Beach <city>
      • Torrance <city>
      • Palos Verdes <city>
    • San Fernando Valley <region>
      • Encino <city>
      • etc.
    • Inland Empire
      • Riverside County
      • San Bernardino County
    • High Desert
      • Lancaster
      • Palm Springs
    • Los Angeles central area <region> (name for this needed)
      • Los Angeles <huge city>
        • Los Angeles/Downtown <district>
    • Channel Islands <park with all the islands>
      • Santa Catalina Island <region>
        • Avalon <city>
      • Two Harbors <city>
    • Orange County <region>
      • Beach Cities (Orange County) <region>
        • Huntington Beach <city>
        • etc.
    • San Diego County <region>
      • San Diego <city>
      • Ensenitas <city>

OK, just go ahead and edit that, adding and removing cities and regions. We'll give this a try. -- Evan 12:07, 11 Nov 2003 (PST)

Wow you work quick!Ron 12:16, 11 Nov 2003 (PST)