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What is the good of this site if after spending time putting information up here some jerk comes along, decides he doesnt like it then wipes it all off?

FORGET IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

Please read our style guide and other help on how to write good WikiTravel articles. The links are on the Main Page. Above all, first person style is a no-no. We are writing a travel guide, not a travelogue. And whatever you do, please learn some maturity. If you disagree about something, you can discuss it with us. But a "bollox" comment does not exactly convince others that your points are valid. -- Nils 05:18, 13 Apr 2004 (EDT)

I'm the jerk who wiped away the original page, so I suppose a comment is warranted. User, if you are still around (I hope I haven't driven you away): as Nils points out, there are style and content guidelines, and every contributor is advised to be familiar with them before contributing. Your piece on Salvador simply was not anywhere close to the standards of Wikitravel. It was written in the first person, and it provided no specific information about Salvador that wouldn't apply to all of Brazil, or anywhere in the developing world, or any major city anywhere in the world.
My reaction was that is offerred nothing as a travel guide, and looked bad as an entry, that's why I replaced it with a simple sentence describing where and what Salvador is, and what it's known for. In time, contributors will add more useful information.
This is Wikitravel. If you truly believe that your entry offerred more practical travel advice than my revision, go ahead and add it, replace it, edit it to your heart's content. Heck, even if you don't think your content is better but just want to spout off, go ahead. -- Paul Richter 22:05, 13 Apr 2004 (EDT)
Dear anonymous contributor: that is, unfortunately, one of the uncomfortable things about Wikitravel. We want to have lots of information about destinations, which means we tend to cut down our writing to the bare minimum, or close to it.
Also, since lots of people work on a single article, we almost always leave out first person pronouns like "I", "we", "my", "mine". After 4 or 5 people have added information about the city, how can anyone tell which me "me" is?
Anyways, I'm sorry your first experience with Wikitravel wasn't so pleasant. We've been a little swamped since the BBC article. I want you to know that it's important to us that everyone feel comfortable contributing. We want to make a great travel guide, and we need a lot of people to make that happen.
I'm going to go back through and pick out some of the information from your first version and include it. Some of it will also go on the Brazil#Stay safe section, since it's relevant for all of Brazil.
Thanks again for contributing; thanks to Paul and Nils for doing clean up. --Evan 17:34, 14 Apr 2004 (EDT)

Stay safe section

The "Stay safe" section seems a bit... paranoid. I know that Wikitravel is about saying your personal feelings and experiences, and I understand that the writer perhaps had a pretty bad experience in the city. But saying that ATMs are stealing your credit card information all time, and that you can't go to the police because almost every policemen is corrupt, is unrealistic and conflicts with the experience that most tourists had in Salvador. If something bad happens, going to the police is the first thing a tourist should do, not only on Salvador but in all Brazil - yes, some policemen are corrupt, but the majority of them aren't.

As mentioned by the Wikitravel guidelines, if you think a place isn't worth visiting, just ignore it; it's not necessary to say that the place is a "tourist trap", as the writer did. Salvador is dangerous and you really can't trust anyone that approaches you in a friendly manner with no good reason (as in any other place), but with certain care, one can have a wonderful experience and have lots of fun in the city.