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Are we sure this should be a redirect to Uluru? If you look at what links here, it seems like it should be more of a region? Jonboy 15:13, 9 March 2006 (EST)


In regards to all Northern Territory information I have added, you may notice that some of the text I am adding appears in another website eg, that is because I am the original author. Lex 11:39, 12 February 2009 (EDT) Please contact Ryan Campbell if you require confirmation.

Ryan Campbell Manager – Web and Digital Development Brand & Marketing Services Marketing Communications Tourism NT t: 61 8 8999 3919  : f: 61 8 8999 3920 e: [email protected]

edit 7 October

I am user Teedeent - I forgot my password so have now created TNT account. My spam filter doesnt allow emails from wikitravel to come through so my password is lost forever.

Have added a little information about visiting aboriginal communities, and made Indigenous History a new heading as I feel it is very important.