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I added some content to the Pudong page after a nightmare experience trying to transit there. I hope it came off as more of a useful warning than a rant. The airport itself was quite nice.

Starting on an empty page for an airport made me think that perhaps we need an Airport Template. The blank headings in the Pudong page were just my first thoughts on such a template. I guess there is a danger of having too many templates, but some people will only ever see the airport in a given city or country and specific information on how to deal with the airport, or pass the time on a layover migth be helpful. Any thoughts? -- ted 16:08 24 Feb 2004 (JST)

I think that what you've written about Pudong International Airport is quite accurate, and not mean-spirited at all. I think it might also make sense to note the lack of English language directions there... It's a real pain to find your way from Pudong to Shanghai without at least some knowledge of Chinese characters. That said it is actually a nice, if small airport.
The customs and baggage stuff is actually similar at hub airports in the U.S. for what it worth.
In fact I've been thinking a lot about how it would be useful for travelers for Major Hub Airports had their own pages. For instance, lots of people spend time at O'Hare International Airport without having Chicago as their destination. I've been to Frankfort International Airport at least a half dozen times, and have never been to Frankfort. Travelers need hub info.-- Mark 04:55, 24 Feb 2004 (EST)
We've specifically not been doing airport pages. We normally don't assign a page to "stuff in a city" -- restaurants, bars, museums, airports, etc. (See Wikitravel:What is an article?). When we've had airport pages added in the past, we generally move the content to the "Get in" section of the city page.
That said, I do see the angle on hubs and layovers. I'm kinda concerned that this is a slippery slope, though. --Evan 11:38, 24 Feb 2004 (EST)
I hope it's not, as I wouldn't want my support of Hub Airport pages to be seen as support of pages for Joe's Bar or whatever. To me it really makes a lot of sense for big airports to be treated like destinations, 'cause the big hub airports are clearly different destinations than the major cities to which most of them attach. Maybe think of it in terms of the print-out: I as a traveler might be spending an afternoon at a hub airport. I want to know where stuff is, and how much hassle to expect with various activities, so I want to print the page out, and have it with me. I might also want to know about the nearby city, or I might not depending on the Hub Airport page's advice about how easy and time consuming it is to get to that city.
In fact most hub airports do have all of the stuff which would qualify as a neighborhood if they were in a city: Hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes, police, and entertainment. So maybe it should be done like that. I would still like to have a routing page for all of the hubs so that they are easy to find. -- Mark 11:52, 24 Feb 2004 (EST)
I'd just like to second Mark's wish for pages for major airports. Pulling this stuff out to its own page would make the city pages themselves more accessible and less cluttered. Again, think of the print out. You don't want the airport stuff most of the time. Some airports would qualify as cities/towns in their own right. Like Mark, and I think many other travellers, I've spent significant amounts of time in airports like Kimpo, Changi, O'Hare, LAX, and Schipol (sp?) without any intention of visiting the city as part of that trip. I don't think it will become a slippery slope. Just make clear that major airports are significant hubs, and they are not train stations, bars, or anything else. I already started working on a template for airports by adapting the city template. Once I polish it up, I'd like to put it somewhere for work and/or discussion. Maybe I'll copy this discussion to Talk:Article templates and add the template in progress. ---- ted 11:01 25 Feb 2004 (JST)

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