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please tell me how to post a picture on a page

...How to...
...How to upload files
...How to add an image

Is this really still just an outline?Edit

It contains usable information. Anyone mind if I change the 'Outline' template?

Updated the article template to (usable).

Does anyone know how I can get the picture to frame and still specify the size? --Dazzla 12:02, 28 July 2010 (EDT) Mediawiki Image Bsbhadwal (talk) 06:07, 3 August 2013 (EDT)

How to deal with owners advertising on this page?Edit

I have removed a few self serving advertisements from the Eat and Stay sections of this page, but we need some kind of bot monitoring here. User:Bsbhadwal

Thank you, Bharat for your help! I will be watching this page now and I will have a closer look at any new listing that will be added to this article. We need to make sure that all the listings comply with our Don't tout policies. Again, thanks for rewriting all the touty listings. Good job! cheers! IBAlex (talk) 13:58, 5 August 2013 (EDT)
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