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Talk:Other Islands (New Zealand)

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Revision as of 08:19, 12 June 2004 by Nzpcmad (talk | contribs) (Reply to Huttite)
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New Zealand is an island country and having an other page irks me. I think this page should be called New Zealand islands, and we just drop the other. Then all the islands of New Zealand can be added, including North and South islands. Besides, what islands should not be included on the other page - the one I am living on? or the one I was born on? Whatever island I am on is the other island answer to one of the above questions. So I think all New Zealand Islands should be on this page and the categories be broken down into Main Islands, Larger Islands, Populated islands, Unpopulated islands, Uninhabited islands, Uninhabitable islands, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Volcanoes, Active Volcanoes, Rocks, Semi-submerged Rocks, Reefs, Seamounts, etc. -- Huttite 08:52, 11 Jun 2004 (EDT)

No problem moving to New Zealand islands. I think you have too many categories though!. I started the page because I went to Tiritiri Matangi and wanted to include this. This could have been done as part of the Auckland page but there are many other islands hence the "other" e.g. where do you put White Island - Tuaranga , the closest town etc? So go for it. I personally think you should have something like "Major" (NI, SI and Stewart) and Minor (all the rest). --Nzpcmad 04:15, 12 Jun 2004 (EDT)