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Hmmm, not that Wikitravel articles shouldnt let people know what is good or bad in a place, but this doesn't sound too usefull as a travel article so far. Maybe we should add something to Wikitravel:Slippery slopes about just railing on (or raving about) a place? Majnoona

Yes, this is definitely not useful. When I get more time I'll consider doing an edit to fix up this page. OKC is not THAT bad; it at least deserves more relevant information than this... Jrew


An enthusiastic user added a bunch of extlinks. They seem to be mostly actual attractions, but the user only added the hyperlink, not an actual description (which we need so we can be useful as a printed guide). If anyone feels like following the links and adding entries for the ones that are appropriate, that'd be very helpful. -- Colin 22:50, 7 Mar 2005 (EST)