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Is this page about OITA CITY? It is confusing because there is the Oita (prefecture) wikitravel page and then this page, which lists many other locations in Oita Prefecture so it doesnt seem to be just about Oita City. I am going to try to put the general information about other parts of Oita Prefecture on the "prefecture page" and make this the "Oita City" page.

The very first line says "Oita (大分市 Oita-shi) is the capital city of Oita prefecture", so I don't see how that could be confusing. It would be reasonable to list attractions that are near Oita, would logically be visited from Oita, and have no other city article to call home. - Dguillaime 13:59, 6 August 2009 (EDT)

Its confusing because...

Its confusing because even if the page were supposed to be about OITA PREFECTURE it would not be strange that the opening line is: Oita (大分市 Oita-shi) is the capital city of Oita Prefecture. If I look on a page about any geographic location it most likely would start by specifying a central point in that location. And obviously its confusing because the name OITA specifies both the city and the prefecture. Whats the problem with being clear and calling one page Oita City and another Oita Prefecture?