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According to the Edwinstowe article, it is a vilage or town. With a population of 5000 it is too small to really be a city, so I made it an Other Destination -- Huttite 01:13, 28 Mar 2004 (EST)

I put it back into "Cities". I understand that Edwinstowe isn't a "city" in the way Lancaster or Bangkok is, but I think it should still be listed in the same place.
"Cities" is for any village, town, township, megalopolis, micropolis, hamlet, etc. that we can think of. I think of "Cities" as "inhabited dots on the map". I realize that that's just one idea of what a city is, but there isn't any other good word for that level of destination. "Polis"?
"Other destinations" is more for things that you would actually go visit, and you may stay at, but aren't really incorporated towns. One classic example is a national park.
Anyways, I think Edwinstowe is a "city" by this loose definition. I don't think changing the header to "Cities, towns, villages, hamlets, burgs, and other inhabited dots on the map" would be really helpful. B-) --Evan 01:39, 28 Mar 2004 (EST)
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