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Northumbria - move to North East (England)?

For me (resident of the UK, visited the area several times), this sounds like an artificial description of the area. The vast majority of people would talk about the North East. For me, Northumbria is just Northumberland and Newcastle/Sunderland.

The North East is more inclusive - Durham (city), Middlesborough and Teeside. Northumbria seems to have been re-invented by the local tourist board. See also Wikipedia:Northumbria.

I would suggest moving the article to North East. What do other people think? DanielC 23:38 (GMT) 24 Mar 2005

I think that Northumbria should be a subregion of North East (England), with all the other places shown as well. Although the local tourist board may have resurrected Northumbria, it is obviously not the same as Northeastern England but a specific region within it. Wikitravel regions can nest one upon another, several (or many) layers deep. If Northumbria is being promoted as a region to visit, especially if it has a tourist board website, then there probably should be a separate article about it. Even if the article pretty much indicates that this is just the region the tourist board has defined and is promoting, it gives those people who think a business in the promoted area somewhere to list. Besides, if it is not listed here now, while it is still small, someone will eventually go to the trouble to break this page up in the future. -- Huttite 06:38, 18 Apr 2005 (EDT)

As there is so much overlap between the two, I would have thought what we have now (a redirect from Northumbria to the North East) works OK - it avoids confusing duplication DanielC 07:37, 18 Apr 2005 (EDT)

North East or Northeast?

Should this article be called North East (England) or Northeast (England), or even Nor'east (England)? -- Huttite 06:13, 18 Apr 2005 (EDT)

Does it matter? We could re-direct from the others if people start using them. DanielC 07:37, 18 Apr 2005 (EDT)