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White Space

White space = Good.

Seriously vertical white space dramatically improves readability, especially online, but also in print. I guess I'm going to have to change the MoS to reflect this well known typesetting fact. -- Mark 08:56, 27 Apr 2004 (EDT)

In that case, changing the stylesheet is the way to go. Look at the html code. Currently, you have one ul-section for EACH ITEM. This increases page size, but moreover it "breaks" the parsing of the page. It rips apart the list entity. Lastly, it's not the way we do it on any other articles. Please fix your bullet lists. -- Nils 08:59, 27 Apr 2004 (EDT)
It's the way we've been doing it on a lot of the articles for some time now. I've actually been breaking up all of the smashed together lists, because it makes the page flow better. -- Mark 09:02, 27 Apr 2004 (EDT)
Argh.. it still results in very bad html. Vertical whitespace is a good idea, but layout should not be handled at the html list. Maybe Evan can change the css - that's trivial. But getting a browser to correctly interpret lists that you broke is impossible. I've fixed the Geneva article, please don't break up any more bulleted lists - you defeat the purpose of those lists. -- Nils 09:05, 27 Apr 2004 (EDT)
Why exactly is it so imporatant for attractions or whatnot to be in individual lists? What browser is it breaking? In what context? -- Mark 09:06, 27 Apr 2004 (EDT)
Because that's the f-ing way html works. Stop undoing my changes! Html is not a layout language, never has been, never will. CSS is for layout. Having each list as an actual entity in html becomes important when you want to, say, automatically convert articles into another format which is one of the declared goals of wikitravel. Or when you want to apply a different stayle, say, change the indentations and so on. It's just horrible style. really, don't do it. And again, stop undoing my changes, you should not have done that in the first place. That's a twitty way of solving an argument. -- Nils 09:10, 27 Apr 2004 (EDT)
I don't know if you've noticed, but we don't edit Wikitravel in HTML, we use Wikitext. I'm not going to stop undo-ing your changes either, especially not given your tone. Listen, I realise that you don't think tone is very imporant, but it is. -- Mark 09:13, 27 Apr 2004 (EDT)
Fine. Have it your way. Break articles. Do so without me. -- Nils 09:17, 27 Apr 2004 (EDT)