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First person

I've moved the following content here for intergration into the article. Please see Wikitravel:Manual of style and, specificly, Wikitravel:NPOV. Please feel free to edit the content of the guide. Maj 14:38, 6 August 2006 (EDT)

Dissenting view: As a resident of a nearby community, I can assure you that Myrtle Beach is more tolerant than most regional communities, certainly of non-WASP ethnic groups and I believe of alternative lifestyles also. The connection above between "rural" and "unsafe" is a myth, fostered by too many "Deliverance" reruns - the Grand Strand certainly has a lower crime rate than a "mecca of liberal arts and thought" like New York or San Francisco. The biggest danger to travelers, especially young women, is likely to come from other travelers, who are unknown to the surrounding community and breeze in and out of the city too quickly for law enforcement to track. Finally, many in the American South consider the Confederate flag a symbol of heritage and not hate, and I have observed several African-American attendants of "Black Bike Week" displaying it.