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Privet, nikolaevcy. Eta stranica posvyaschaetsya nashemu lubimomu gorodu. Dobavlyajte chto znaete, no ne ubirajte nichego (esli tolko vy ne uvideli oshibku). Starajtes ispravlyat' oshibki. Davajte zhit' dostojno v nashem lubimom Nikolaeve!

S uvazheniem, Ingul (aka Victor Nikolaev, aka Viktor ...)


Wikipedia has this city under WikiPedia:Mykolaiv. Could we agree on a standard Wikitravel:Romanization for Ukrainian? Jpatokal 23:53, 21 May 2005 (EDT)


As you can see, Ukrainian letters in the name of the city are different. Unfortunately, ambiguity was created by Wikipedia. Also there is no Wikipedia Romanization standard for Ukrainian yet therefore we don't have a base to agree upon ;) Even City Council doesn't know where they govern :) Check the latest English map of Ukraine or CIA Worldbook Try Google with both version and compare results. If possible we should link both options to the same page on both Wikipedia and Wikitravel.

Email address for Hotel Admirala Makarova[edit]

The email 16:32, 15 February 2009 (EST)address [email protected] does not work.