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This is such a great page. A great example of what Wikitravel can be; nice job. -- Evan 09:43, 11 Aug 2003 (PDT)

Ditto! This looks, and reads, great! Really well done. Majnoona

Additions 2007

During the past few months I have been adding significant content to this page, since the city has a lot to offer. I intend to reorganize the restaurants section into the districts in the coming weeks since the page looks too big nowadays. Fabz 12:34, 14 April 2007 (EDT)

The last few months have seen some serious changes in how Wikitravel deals with huge cities like Mexico City (see Wikitravel:huge city article template for details. I took the liberty of trying to bring this article in line with those changes. The page doesn't flow as well as it used to, but that can be fixed. I think the big thing is to make sure that the districts of Mexico City are organized correctly (I don't think we can handle 250 of them!), and to keep moving stuff out to the district pages. And, of course, to keep adding info! -- Evan 09:37, 27 Nov 2003 (PST)

No worries about having 250 districts, most of the areas you've split things up into now consist of more than one Colonia anyway, and a lot of the Colonias have absolutely zero interesting things in them, so that shouldn't be a problem. I'm guessing we can end up with between 10-25 district pages for Mexico City, and have pretty much everything covered. I don't mind the changes you've done, really, although I want to go over everything and edit for that structuring scheme. JZ 18:39, 28 Nov 2003 (CST)

I largely want to commend you for this extensive work. I spent more or less 6 years out of 9 (from 93 to 02) in Mexico City. Near the end of this time I found myself going frequently to the parks( Los Dinamos, Desierto de Los Leones, and the big park that covers the area around "Pico de Aguila" Summit) that are up in the moutains to escape the city. These are wonderful places for rejuvenating from the caos of Mexico City. There is peace and quite, and a natural beauty that makes one curious to have known Mexico City maybe as recently as 40 years ago( before the largely uncontrolled urbanization). I would also like to recommend the towns of San Bartolo ?Xicomulco and San Pedro in the Delegation of Milpa Alta( extreme southeast, beyond Xochimilco); especially if you have a car. These are in my opinion the best examples of conserving that small-town feel near Mexico City. San Bartolo and the surrounding countryside are a little Jewel.

I want to put in a vote for the subway system( Metro) in Mexico City. It is absolutely wonderful. You raise the spector of crime( pick-pocketing) on the Metro. I´m sure it happens, but in all of my years of using the system, cero problemas. And as you stated, if something is not within easy walking distance of a Metro Station, there are taxis. I would on occasion, as an indulgence, just hail a taxi and go to my destination; slightly more of a concern for problems( use taxis that have a fixed base if you are preoccupied with this) then in the Metro but a certain luxury at a relatively low price. Before I left Mexico City, I came to HATE "peseros". Peseros serve their purpose, but I would caution people to look to other alternatives before taking them. They take off, they stop, they jostle from side to side. Sometimes on occasion they have drivers that look like adolescents, sometimes they have to yell out an obscenity at someone who is parked three lanes out into a four-lane street( ? triple parked). All the while, the people are packed in like sardines. I have experienced worse transportation in other parts, but I don´t actively search it out.

In nightlife, you mention dancing, but you fail to mention Cumbia and Norteñas. These two styles are predominant among average Mexicans. Any "popular" dance is going to be dominated by any of the various styles of music( Tex-mex, Columbian, Andean) that employs cumbia rythems with a healthy dose of Norteñas sprinkled in. Even the dance clubs that feature "Tropical" are going to play ALOT of Cumbia.


This discussion is for the now-deleted Mexico City Restaurants page:

I like how this /Restaurants is looking. One suggestion-- add links back to the main article at the top, but otherwise I think this is what we should suggest for other content-heavy cities like Prague.

I agree with the link back, but could we somehow get the software to do that, I wonder? Ideally, all subpags should have a link to the parent page, so it might be easier to get the software to do it automatically... --JZ
That was my first thought to, but I don't know how much we can control something like that. Majnoona
Well, it's PHP, it should be fairly trivial to add (I'm saying that without having hacked the MediaWiki software, but I have installed and tweaked it before). Let's hold off on it and see if we can add it in the software instead. --JZ
I'm pretty sure that sub-pages should normally have a link back; see User:Evan/TODO for an example. I'm not sure what's going on here -- I'll investigate. -- Evan 14:02, 5 Sep 2003 (PDT)

Is there a wiki-language way to add anchors to individual restaurants (or any other piece of text, for that matter)? I'd like to link to the restaurants here from external websites. -- Federico 2003/09/08

I think you're going to have to link to the whole restaurant page. Wikitravel isn't really geared towards highlighting specific businesses. Check out the Wikitravel:Goals and non-goals page for more info. Thanks! Majnoona
Oh, it was just for linking to stuff from my web log; things like, "I went to such and such restaurant" with links to the description in Wikitravel. In the future this may be useful if people want to write travelogues with links to the references they grabbed from Wikitravel. -- Federico

So, we've kinda decided to break up huge cities by district rather than by restaurants, sights, etc. I moved some of the restaurants on this page to the appropriate district page, when I could figure it out. A lot of these are still on here, though. Folks familiar with them should start moving them to the district pages, if possible. Eventually I'd like to delete this page. -- Evan 09:43, 27 Nov 2003 (PST)

"Rich French Past"

Outside of the battle of Puebla, between Mexican and French forces, what exactly constitutes Puebla's "Rich french past"?-- 23:35, 6 November 2006 (EST)

If nobody can explain this "rich french past" to me in a few days, I intend to remove it. It's plain ridiculous.-- 20:16, 13 November 2006 (EST)

The CIty has no rich french past, it was invaded by the french. It has certain architectural influences brought by France by President Porfirio Diaz in the late XIX and XX century. This text has been deleted.Fabz 12:32, 14 April 2007 (EDT)


I just did several reverts to deal with vandalism in this article, but am not sure I got it all. Some of the nonsense seems to have been there a while so that a straight revert/rollback wasn't catching it. Please let me know if I missed something. -- Bill-on-the-Hill 21:08, 23 May 2006 (EDT)