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Moved from Wikitravel:votes for deletion by Evan

  • Mediterranean Europe. Made redundant by new Europe categories. All pages which linked to it now link somewhere else. Professorbiscuit 18:32, 15 Oct 2004 (EDT)
    • Disagree - Page should REDIRECT to Europe or somewhere that is similarly relevant. It could be a disambiguation page if multiple pages are relevant. - Huttite 00:59, 16 Oct 2004 (EDT)
    • Disagree - REDIRECT, not delete. Jpatokal 06:01, 28 Oct 2004 (EDT)

Map Coloring

I've prepared alternative map coloring of Mediterranean Europe. Please comment if you like it. -- JanSlupski 10:25, 12 Feb 2005 (EST)

Nobody commented... So, now revert if you dislike ;-)
BTW. If still nobody care to comment I'll go forward and change coloring of another European region :-P --JanSlupski 20:17, 22 Mar 2005 (EST)
I don't like it. There are way too many colors, it's hard to read and doesn't look professional. Jpatokal 21:05, 22 Mar 2005 (EST)

title-what countries

Shouldn't Serbia be removed from this category now that Montenegro is no longer part of Serbia and Montenegro?


Why isn't the South of France included in this page?

It is the same problem in wikipedia, where a lot of people doesn't accept (for ideological geopolical reason I think) the fact that France is a latin and mediterranean country, for no rational reasons they think that France should be arbitrary linked only with UK and Netherlands; (countries with which ones France doesn't share much in term of culture and language - only a little bit of common points in regions such as Nord-pas-de-calais, Normandy or Britanny who share some superficial similarities (such as climates and ambiance) with Wales (in the case of Britany), with Netherlands (in the case of Nord-pas-de-calais) and with England for Normandy. France, as a country with mediterranean coests, of latin herency share a lot of the common point that share Spain and Italy (even more in some cases).

On the other hand, some countries like Serbia or Craotia could be excluded, since the mediterranean part is very limited, and because the culture and mopst of the people of this slavic country is not of mediterranean origin but rooted in the central-eastern Europe.