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Anyone have info on bus service from Medellin to Tolima? All the details would be nice. Also, how safe is it? Have any of these bus routes between these two cities been in danger from guerrillas? Also, this being the rainy season, how about the danger of flooding and mudslides?


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Medellin to Ibague (Capital of Tolima) can be done in two ways: First, you can take a bus directly to Ibague from "Terminal del Sur". "Expreso Bolivariano" or "Expreso Arauca" are good options although there are other transportation companies. Second way is going first to Bogota and then Ibague; this way is a bit longer but buses to Bogota are more frenquent than directly to Ibague from Medellin. I don't think it is any danger with guerrillas (anyway, it is better to travel on day time). About your last point, it is always a risk in colombian roads; you always will have a chance to find floodings or mudslides.

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