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I've reverted the contributions by SophisticatedLady because they appeared to have been made in a very short period of time, included many specific facts, and contained no spelling errors. Rather unusually for such an efficient contributor, there are a significant number of non-sequitors. This unusual combination of factors makes me worry that a copyvio of some type may have occurred. We can restore the content if the contributor verifies that they indeed wrote everything in that. -- Colin 20:00, 11 Aug 2005 (EDT)

Becak: 11. June: You can still get Becak for 6000 or 8000 for 10 minutes rides. When you pay 10000, you pay a lot. I think its wrong that the feel the recession, i never paid like 25000. Its bullshit. I deleted the Inflation part of Becak Schizo-Vreni, 11 June 2009