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Eventhough this part of Wikitravel is english, I would argue that we need an disamb page for Marburg, since its also the german translation of Maribor,Slovenias 2nd largest city and it is very common to call it that way in Austria and probably Germany too. I don't know about the policy for such a problem if it ever occured before. -- Fido 18:00, 16 Sep 2004 (GMT+6)

I have lived half my life near to Marburg (in Hessen, Germany) and haven't before heared of a Marburg in Slovenia. I doubt that is an issue.

I think the Slovenian Marburg is by most germans called Maribor, I dont think there is need for a disamb page.

I don't know about Austrai, but in Germany (and in Marburg) almost everybody calls the Slovenian Marburg Maribor. Maybe we can mention that they are Twin cities (since 1969). -Friedjoff 04:27, 24 Nov 2005 (EST)