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Revision as of 20:32, 25 November 2003 by Dhum Dhum (talk | contribs) (explanations)
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OK, some explanations:

  • For easy editing I regrouped the code and text in different blocks. I think this is much easier to edit than the actual main page. (Sorry to say, but the indentations are horrible and confusing.)
  • I got rid of the big destinations column. It was only a list of countries grouped by continent, and to me it had no particular value. If country articles do get better than the CIA stuff we can move them under Selected articles - New destinations.
  • I moved the Community column up to a more prominent place and expanded the subsections. This is handier for newcomers.
  • I changed "Featured articles" into "Selected articles". I think we "feature" over 700 articles, but only a few are "selected" here.
  • I changed the layout of the subsections. They are like this: followed by articles on the same line. This way the length of the page is shorter and less scrolling is needed.
  • I changed "Hot topics" into "Specific topics". I couldn't figure out what was so hot about these articles. I'm pretty sure there must be a better term yet.
  • I'll try to play around with the colours (especially "Community") to make it a bit softer.

DhDh 12:28, 25 Nov 2003 (PST)