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Jax bar has closed down Baliexpat 02:33, 27 February 2011 (EST)

Villas, private holiday house[edit]

Hi Baliexpat, it is customary to discuss new holiday rental listings, or the establishment of a section for holiday rentals such as apartments and villas. Please have a read of the article on establishing rental listings

Wikitravel is neither an apartment-finder service nor a real estate listing service, so in general real estate and rental agency listings are not allowed. The only exception to this rule is for locations where rental properties are a common form of travel accommodation and the following requirements are met:

  • Consensus must be achieved on the article's talk page that rental listings should be allowed. When trying to build consensus provide some evidence that rental properties are commonly used by travelers to the destination and that their addition will improve the article. Please do not argue the merits of any particular company, but instead focus on the value of such accommodation for travelers to the destination city/region.

If consensus is achieved, rental agency listings must be placed into a separate sub-section of the article's "Sleep" section, as you did with the heading "Villas, private holiday house".

  • Agency listings must include a local address with a phone number that specifies the physical address at the destination for picking up the keys, managing the property and/or resolving rental issues. This address must also be prominently displayed on the agency web site.
  • Villas, apartments or cabins must be available for rentals of one week or less.

You are going to need to give some local contact details and make a case that rental villas are a common feature of Lovina.

That is why the listings have been moved across here. I have also applied some minor adjustments to the style and formatting. As both listings are appearing to be from a single supplier you may need to merge them into a single listing, unless they have entirely separate operations and 'reception/manager contact details. Cheers--felix 06:12, 29 October 2011 (EDT)

From the newly established sub-section:
  • Bali Villa Asmara, Lovina - Dencarik, +31 418643133, +62 813 37958364 (), [1]. checkin: 16:00; checkout: 11:00. Holiday house only 10 min from Lovina. Balinese theme with western style facilities. Big swimming pool. From €128.  edit
  • Bali Villa Shanti, Lovina - Dencarik, +31 418643133, +62 813 37958364 (), [2]. checkin: 16:00; checkout: 11:00. A tropical holiday house surrounded by rice fields and sea only 10 min from Lovina. Balinese theme with western style facilities. Big swimming pool. A perfect place for relaxing and be pampered by the staff. From €128.  edit
Moving other Villa listings that were in the hotel listings across as well here whilst this matter is resolved as per the notes above. This one is from within the Splurge section:
  • <sleep name="Villa Santhi" alt="" address="Tukad Mungga" phone="+62 813 37175371" email="[email protected]" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Around €300/night" lat="-8.137277" long="115.052014">Fully-serviced private villa set on the beach with a large infinity-effect swimming pool.</sleep> (This villa is apparently now closed/sold. "Dear Guests...we decided it was best to sell our villa" may of course reopen with new owners. ) --Villa Santhi is now Villa Simha. Website:
I am really not sure why these listings have been moved out of the article? Which part of Wikitravel:Accommodation_listings#Rental_listings has been contravened? These are established villas for rent for periods of less than a week. They are not rental agency listings. --burmesedays 00:06, 30 October 2011 (EDT)
When I first saw them there I noted that the 2 new contributions attributed the two seperate villas to a single operator. That operator appears to be In the Netherlands, long way to go to pick up the keys. I am therefore assuming they have a local representation, even if it is only the housekeepers or a Jaga. Maybe the 2 villas have an entirley seperate operation and 'reception' facility. In which case maybe it is OK to list them seperately. However I note the only local contact is the one Indonesian Telkomsel number that is common to both listings. Also they have no information provided for "physical address at the destination for picking up the keys, managing the property and/or resolving rental issues". The 3rd listing, originally in the Splurge section also has no address, but does have a local Telkomsel number provided in the listing. (Telkomsel is an Indonesian mobile telephony provider).
Bali is popular for Villa rentals and I see no reason why Lovina should not have a section in the article. I only moved the third listing onto the discussion page as it was buried in the Splurge listing and yet is described as a villa. It did seem right to take ot the 2 new ones yet leave the existing one in when it has the same issues.
Unless there is a good reason these 3 2 listings should not go into the article then my feeling is that they should be listed. I am unaware of any existing consensus to have a villa/renatals listing here so it seems that a consensus needs should establish a consensus to do that.
There does not seem to be anyone objecting to the establishment of such a section. I do not and and apparently burmesedays does not appear to object either. Without consensus estabished any of these three listings may be deleted. So lets establish it.
  • I support the establishment of Sleep sub-section titled "Villas, private holiday house" on the basis that such accommodation offerings re a well established feature in many parts of the island of Bali, however I think a local address is required or an explanation given of why one is not supplied. felix 01:37, 30 October 2011 (EDT)

Understand section[edit]

Hi Aansentanu. I have moved your recent contribution to the discussion page as it needs some more work done on it before it can go into the article. We do not provide links to Wikipedia articles within the article text, rather we just provide one main link to the Wikipedia Lovina article. Perhaps you might like to have an other look over your contribution and see if it can be improved a little more before it goes back into the article. Also please note that we are not using US english in this article, or any of the other Indonesian Wikitravel articles. Thanks. -- felix 13:48, 24 January 2012 (EST)

edit content from Aansentanu on 25 Jan 2011....

Lovina is a relatively new name was created in 1953 by Anak Agung [Panji Tisna], once as king of Buleleng, who built a small inn called Lovina. The small [Lovina], still in the site as Lovina Beach Hotel running under Panji Tisna’s cousin, Anak Agung Ngurah Sentanu. Although the Government has declared the tourist area with the name "Kalibukbuk Tourist Resort", but local businessmen prefer to use Lovina. So as much as six traditional villages or more, which all bear the name of Lovina, about ten kilometer stretch along the main road which hugs the north coast to the west of Singaraja: Pemaron, Tukadmungga, Anturan, Kalibukbuk. Kaliasem and Temukus. Kalibukuk is the main hub of this area and is often thought of "Lovina town center".

Removed villa agency listing[edit]

- Villa Lovina Beach Listing

It is not a hotel and not even a villa but a listing of properties in Bali for rent. —The preceding comment was added by Baliexpat (talkcontribs) about 10:27, 26 November 2012 (EST)

Thanks for explaining your edit here, Baliexpat - it was absolutely the right thing to do and is much appreciated!
There are additional helpful articles at $, Times, Phones and Listings that all editors (and Tout for commercial contributors editing their own listings) should consult. --singaporeAlice 20:01, 26 November 2012 (EST)