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Todays Cafe

We have just returned from Samosir Island on Lake Toba. We visited many restaurants, all of which were OK, but we were particularly impressed by Todays Cafe in Tuk Tuk, the main tourist centre on the island. This cafe is run by Juliet, a young Batak woman who speaks good English and some Dutch and German as well as Bahasa. She is great fun, and loves to chat. Her food is terrific. Her dad is a local fisherman, so all the fish dishes are super fresh. If you have ever tasted rendang, try it here and see how it should be made! She is a real cook who knows how to use the most extraordinary mixtures of local spices. Honestly, you cannot but enjoy this place, we really recommend it. Gregor Benton



i just came back from Sumatra, Indonesia, and TOBA TRANSPORTER has been amazing for our trip! punctual, replies email promptly, make customized stops and special requests, knows the local places, and can help you plan stuff too if you need an extra opinion. the prices are competitive, i've compared with other services. we've had an extremely pleasant experience with them.

Tan Chuwei,Singapore

I went to Lake Toba in mid-Nov & took Tobatransporter for 3 trips(medan-parapat-berastagi-medan) on a private car - excellent service.

Before the trip, someone named Ricky from Tobatransporter, would confirm with me abt the details(cost, deposit amount, place to wait, and etc). He knows the local conditions such as the boats' timing and traffic conditions - and really helps a lot on our planning.

On the trip itself, we had the same driver for all the trips. He was punctual, and stopped over whenever we requested. On our last day in Medan, my girlfriend dropped her iPhone in his car. We contacted Ricky, he went to Post Office to ship the iPhone over but was rejected by the office (the battery was considered as dangerous goods to courier). In the end, he made another extra trip to our friend's place in Medan to pass the phone to our friend. We are really thankful for the extra services.

I do recommend Tobatransporter but make sure you talk through the details with Ricky. He speaks good english and should able to help.


Lastly, things are in organized now. I got car reservation with Toba Transporter. The price is reasonable at 500K IDR at 10pm of 10th Feb. I will go directly to Parapat as I don't have much time. I contacted Toba transporter and I met Ricky. He speaks good English, helpful and replies email really quickly. He even helped me to search rooms in Tuk Tuk and Parapat. I feel he is very trusted person and his service is really good.

For Anyone is seeking for private car, I recommend Toba transporter. He has Whatapp +6285261492668 which is convinient to organize oversea. Email Ricky if you need help as he is helpful and replies email quickly ricky tobatransporter <[email protected]>

Lastly I got room in Tuk Tuk Timbul 150K IDR/nite in holiday time is quite reasonable for me. However I book them through a friend so No idea how it works with oversea reservation. So far, things are on set. Just another hotel in parapat and banda Aceh....Update everyone later when I finish my trip


I had personally tried tobatransporter and its good!The driver they provided us was awesome! Though he can not speak much english, he did his best to bring us around to where we want. He drives safely and stay focus at all time. All thanks to him we could have a comfortable trip. Words could not fully describe the experience we had with him but I would say he is really a nice person and not those who were out to cheat people.

Thus I would recommend him if people needs a driver. It would be better if you can speak Malay.

By the way I can not speak Malay, only really a little bit basic ones and my friend relied on an offline dictionary to communicate sometimes. Still we managed to complete the trip and feeling good about his service. But everyone's expectation is different thus I still think if you can speak Malay and is interested let me know I can PM you his number.

Lusinta S,Indonesia

I go to lake toba with my little children,and that was a beautiful lake,with a long trip with toba transporter,It was a good transporter in that area,makes us become comfortable

   1. Tobatransporter 
       Good Transporter in Lake Toba,Kind driver,and Safety Driver

Astrid Natalia,Indonesia Sipisopiso Waterfall

One word: B E A U T I F U L !

Our group consists of 5 persons : Joy, Rudy, Stefanus, Timothy, and I. We rented a car from Toba Transporter for Rp 700K (Medan to Danau Toba via Berastagi). Praise the Lord, we got a new Avanza driven by Mr. Ricky, the company’s coordinator (and maybe also the owner). He drove carefully (never overtook other cars by using the road-for-opposite-direction that’s commonly done by drivers in Indonesia) and with acceptable speed.

The journey from Medan to Berastagi took about 3 hours. We stopped by a roadside traditional restaurant that provides saksang (grilled pork with blood sauce). No, we didn’t tried the blood… The pork was good and it was very cheap: only Rp 15K/pax!

We stopped at Sipisopiso waterfall after a short discussion about choosing Sipisopiso or Simalem Resort. Mr Ricky informed us that Simalem’s view is just the same with Sipisopiso with no waterfall, and the entrance fee is quite expensive (Rp 250K/car) while Sipisopiso is less than Rp 10K/pax. Yes, we’re quite stingy so we said no-no to Simalem and here we come Sipisopiso!

A native lady laughed at us when she saw us talked about going to the bottom of the waterfall. ‘Be careful so you can climb up back!’ she said. Hmmm… the stairs indeed look like a long and kinda hard way to go, but we were already there! Going down was quite easy, but our knees started to shake in the middle of the journey. However, the view down there was worth the pain.

We climbed some rocks to see the bottom of the waterfall, where the water flow fell in roar to the river and water sparkles flew washing our faces and hair. It’s quite an indescribable feeling that couldn’t be explained in words nor pictures (yes, even if you got water-resistant camera).

After we satisfied ourselves playing and seeing around at the bottom, we climbed back up and then continued our journey to Danau Toba (Toba Lake).

Tips for going to Sipisopiso:

Better prepare your stamina to climb down and up the stairs to see the waterfall from nearby. It’ll be a much better experience than seeing it from afar and above.

Wear light clothes and pants with sandals / shoes that suitable for climbing. Better not wear jeans (too heavy and water absorbent).

Be careful when you’re carrying your water-non-friendly gadgets; better take a water-resistant bag to cover them when you’re near the waterfall or don’t take any gadget at all.

You don’t have to bring down mineral water. There’s a tent selling mineral water and instant noodle at the bottom of the waterfall.

Well, bring some if you’re not sure that you’ll go to the bottom, though.

TOBA TRANSPORTER : [email protected] /+6285261492668)