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(We'd welcome some REAL, SIGNED & original (ie first hand) reports about the tout's delight firm of Tobatransporter; the last thing we need is (at the best gloss) second hand reports placed and re-placed by their apologists!)
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<!--First hand reports or cooments, SIGNED by a logged in registered user or verifiable in some other way, please. NO second hand "testimonials" placed by boosters for this firm! -->
i just came back from Sumatra, Indonesia, and TOBA TRANSPORTER has been amazing for our trip! punctual, replies email promptly, make customized stops and special requests, knows the local places, and can help you plan stuff too if you need an extra opinion. the prices are competitive, i've compared with other services. we've had an extremely pleasant experience with them.

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Todays Cafe

We have just returned from Samosir Island on Lake Toba. We visited many restaurants, all of which were OK, but we were particularly impressed by Todays Cafe in Tuk Tuk, the main tourist centre on the island. This cafe is run by Juliet, a young Batak woman who speaks good English and some Dutch and German as well as Bahasa. She is great fun, and loves to chat. Her food is terrific. Her dad is a local fisherman, so all the fish dishes are super fresh. If you have ever tasted rendang, try it here and see how it should be made! She is a real cook who knows how to use the most extraordinary mixtures of local spices. Honestly, you cannot but enjoy this place, we really recommend it. Gregor Benton