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A Lufthansa flight LH 0740 from Frankfurt, Germany, almost ended in a disaster, according to the passengers of Airbus 346. On May 11, 2006, the plane has already touched the ground, but the pilot suddenly lifted the machine in the air again to prevent the accident on the ground. The pilot reported a "misunderstanding" with the tower thus blaming the Japanese flight control for the (almost fatal) accident. DC.


It is number of domestic flights.

KIX  : To 416 flights (per a week),20 airports. (Aug. 2006)

ITM  : To about 560 flights (per a week),28 airports. (Oct. 2003)

NGO  : To 679 flights (per a week),25 airports. (Aug. 2006)

Now,I don't get report about ITM,but, as far as I look at these numbers,I feel somethig incorrectness . (especially, "Note that "most" domestic flights in the Kansai region leave from Osaka's Itami Airport " ... I saw a phase like this,but I understand this is not "most".... On the other hand,about Chubu airport,for example,EK have flights from KIX and NGO to DXB everyday,it is more difficult for EK to draw passengers at NGO than KIX. (I'm sorry ,I don't find report or news in english.) So,number of passenger per one flight is less from NGO. As same, I don't feel something suitable this sentence "For convenient domestic connections onward, Nagoya's Chubu Airport is your best bet. ". At least,In the page of KIX,it is strange threr is a sentence that coparison with KIX and other airport....

I want to proofread these parts.

by : 14:10 3 Mar. 2007 (JST)

I forget to write...
The capacity of KIX for depart or landing airplane is almost full among 9.00 am to 13.00 . (KIX was gived 30 slots for depart or landing for one hour.). But many airline wants to have right of depart or landing,so at this rime it is no apare for airplane wating area. So, I don't feel something suitable this sentence, "the airport is somewhat underutilized ".
There is "No.1" and "other" in various things. But I don't feel that it is better way to explane comparison of another things.At least I don't understand why KIX's explanation needs other airport.
by : 14:40 3 Mar. 2007 (JST)

These sentences, "Built on an artificial -(abbreviation)- is your best bet." ,I want to rewrite this part,
"Kansai International Airport was built on the soft ground under depth of the water about 18 m in south of Osaka bay,it is cause to needs some new construction technology and exorbitant costs.On the other hand,there is an airport already from some 10 km from Osaka,Itami Airport (ITM),Itami is nearer from Osaka city than Kansai, so it is a trend that passengers who fly domestic line make a choice flight of Itami departure and arrival.In fact,if you move to Osaka from another city of Japan (or from Osaka to another city of Japan),it may be convenience to choice Itami airport.By the way,they have about 59 domestic flights ,100 international flights in a day in Kansai airport."
If there is an another opinion, please inform.
by : 22:40 3 Mar. 2007 (JST)

I changed sentences.
by : 14:40 4 Mar. 2007 (JST)

Terminal originally Exacly One Mile Long?[edit]

A U.S. National Geographic documentary I recently saw commented that the KIX terminal was exactly one mile long, which would make it 1.609 km long. It would be interesting to know if this was the original plan, or it was actually built to this specification but lengthened in later construction. Cuvtixo 11:23, 7 May 2009 (EDT)

Also it would be nice to give some scale to the phrase "was built at exorbitant cost" English Wikipedia has an estimate of $20,000,000,000 (twenty billion U.S. dollars) In comparison, the estimated costs of the Boston Central Artery Project has been $22 Billion! ;) Cuvtixo 11:50, 7 May 2009 (EDT)

I'm sure you'll agree that the Big Dig's price tag was also pretty darn exorbitant... Jpatokal 22:15, 7 May 2009 (EDT)