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Not Just For Turtles[edit]

Should you happen to be fortunate enough to be going to Hawaii for your vacation then there's an absolute 'must' see and 'must ' stay and that's at the Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu's North Shore. About an hour's drive north of Honolulu International Airport, perched away from the main highway, lies the resort itself. The private drive, which leads up to the hotel, is lined on either side by stately Royal Palms. Just as you're three/quarters of the way along the road you happen along an enclosed kiosk with a security guard beckoning you onward, which in and of itself tells you that whatever it is that you fear is not going to be able to get to you. When the door of your car is opened for you, you're virtually in the open air lobby and the feeling of having your breath taken away by the view simply and surely indicates the paucity of words in the English language to describe what's in front of your very eyes. The vision, on your right, as you approach the elongated and elegant check-in desk, is of sea, sand, and surf as far as the eye can see and the sound of the waves rushing onto shore is the sound of pure enchantment. Perhaps some of the most difficult decisions that you'll have to make during your entire time away will be either which activity to become involved in and/or which restaurant to dine in. If snorkeling strikes your fancy then the hotel's special staff will outfit you, teach you, and then take you to see the sort of underwater life worthy of Cousteau himself. Then again, if it's horseback riding or surfing or tennis or golf or any of the other myriad things you might imagine yourself doing in a place frequently and usually called Paradise, then chances are it will be made available to you without fuss or bother. The staff of the resort is world-class. I've traveled extensively from Marrakech to the Iguassu Falls in Argentina and few places, if any, have a more welcoming and sincere group of people making you feel like you belong. Oh, and did I forget to mention that all the rooms are spacious and come with an ocean view as well as a lanai where you can sit in either the afternoon, if you're not at one of the pools or hot tubs, or evening and contemplate the seemingly endless expanse of beauty all housed together on one volcanic outpouring in the middle of the Pacific. As tempting as it is to do nothing else other than stay and watch the turtles swim just off the sandy beach by the hotel, make certain you rent either a convertible or a Jeep Wagoneer and tour all of Oahu. The island itself is not all that big and you can easily see a good deal, if not all of it, in a couple of days. Finally, though people have been heard to say that Honolulu is 'just' another big American city - don't pay any attention to them because they're just being reverse snobs. Honolulu is a gorgeous and obviously uniquely Hawaiian city. It is afterall the only place in the United States that has an existing Royal Palace and the closeby locales known internationally as Wakiki Beach, Pearl Harbor, and Diamond Head are legendary so why would anyone want to miss seeing them. As they say in Hawaii to all who are fortunate enough to visit, Aloaha. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Drbehavior (talkcontribs)