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Revision as of 20:07, 17 January 2006 by Brendio (talk | contribs) (move old events to talk page?)
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Should the old events be removed or, if applicable, new dates for this included? Brendio 20:38, 16 Jan 2006 (EST)

Talk:Calendar of events and festivals says the events for the current year and the next 2 years be added. So update entries if events are going to reoccur, otherwise remove the entry if the event is just a one off thing. -- Huttite 02:51, 17 Jan 2006 (EST)
Should those entries that do recur but for which the date in the new year is not known (either because it was originally entered by someone else or the dates are not yet confirmed) be moved to the corresponding talk page until someone enters the new date? This would save clutter on the article page without losing that information. Brendio 15:03, 17 Jan 2006 (EST)