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This is a great page. Really nice work. I'd love to feature it on the Main Page, if we could maybe get some more lodging listings and clear out that boilerplate at the end. Fabuloso! What a showcase guide! -- Evan 23:02, 17 Nov 2003 (PST)


Some information about Ithaca Beer and Finger Lakes wines really should be added to the currently empty "Drink" section.

Please Wikitravel:Plunge forward! Sounds like you at least know a little bit about them, so add the info! Majnoona 23:42, 7 Oct 2004 (EDT)


Someone said something about Ithaca and Syracuse. I thought "Is that Ithaca in Greece or New York?". (Syracuse is in Sicily but was a Greek city.) Should we make a disambiguation page?

Not so ambiguous

I don't know; isn't the Greek isle generally spelled "Ithaka" and the Sicilian city spelled "Siracusa"?

Usable, not Guide (yet)

Sorry, but this isn't quite up to Guide standards yet. It's certainly good work, but there are a large number of entries that are missing contact information, business hours, etc. Getting there, though. If somebody is interested in seeing the article get that accolade, go for it! With the content in good shape, it should be just a matter of adding stuff you can find in a phone book. (Try adding a good photo or two while you're at it.) -- Bill-on-the-Hill 08:55, 24 May 2006 (EDT)