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What do you want?
What do you want?
Anya ti kayat mo?''
''Anya ti kayat mo?''
I'm avoiding you
I'm avoiding you

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Does that mean "What Are You Doing?" 19:38, 5 January 2009 (EST)

other phrases

I can speak ilocano.

Ammoc ag'ilocano.

You can talk to me.

Mabalin'ac nga makatungtong.

Are you ilocano too?

Ilocano ka met la?

My mom is Ilocano.

Ilocano ni nanang ko.

She didn't teach me how to speak it but i just learned it.

Haan'ac nga sinursuruan ngem natuto'ac nga agsao 'ti ilocano ngem natuto'ac latta.

I don't know how.

Maddi'c ammo nu kasano.

When do you use Ilocano?

Kaa'no mo us-usarin ti Ilocano?

How old are you?

Mano tawen mo'n?

Where do you live?


Good day to all of you!!!

Naimbag nga aldaw kada-kayo amin!!!

My Name Is <Insert Name>

Nagan ko <insert name>

I Don't Know

Diak Amo

I am Hungry

Mabissin Nakon

I miss you

Maeeliow ka

What are you going to buy?

Anya Gatangim?

What do you want?

Anya ti kayat mo?

I'm avoiding you

Ako likliklikanen sika

He/she lives <name of place>

Gnan na <name of place>

I Forgot


I want to see you

Kayat ka makita

My Head Hurts

Nagsakit itoy ulook

Let's Go to Town

Mapan tayo idi ili

Brother/Sister/Sibling Kabsat

What about you? (singular) Sika ngay?

What about you? (plural) Sikayo ngay?

Your house is beautiful. Napintas ti balaymo

I am <insert name>'s friend Siak ti gayyem ni <insert name>

Have you found your <insert object name>? Nabirukam 'tay <insert object name>? 19:20, 10 January 2009 (EST)