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Revision as of 20:53, 19 January 2004 by PierreAbbat (talk | contribs) (Hindi and Urdu)
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I am interested by this. Should we use the Devanagari script? Yann 09:55, 19 Jan 2004 (EST)

Of course. It'll take some explanation of how to put letters together (e.g. rkshi looks completely different from any of the individual letters), but it's not that hard to learn, and it'll be easier to find a Hindi keyboard layout than one which has d's with dots under them. See Greek phrasebook and Hebrew phrasebook. -phma 10:41, 19 Jan 2004 (EST)
Agreed. However, phoneticizing the phrases in the phrasebook becomes more important when there's a non-Roman script used.
This is a good phrasebook to start. --Evan 10:50, 19 Jan 2004 (EST)

Should Hindi and Urdu be two phrasebooks, or one phrasebook with two scripts? -phma 15:49, 19 Jan 2004 (EST)