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I don't know if a Hebrew native speaker wrote it or not... LIGH-lah TOHV, I would write as LY-lah, and Eh-rev is surly without the h - it's with Ain (ע) and not with Heh (ה).

"The months are numbered starting from Nisan or Aviv (March-April), but the year number is incremented in Tishrei; thus Elul 5760 is followed by Tishrei 5761."
to this all I have to say is -WHAT????
The first month is Tishrei, the year used to be strat in Nissan who knows when. In the first of Tisgrei there is this big holiday called Rosh-Hashana meaning: Head/begining of the year. F16 14:08, 6 Dec 2005 (EST)