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Taken notice from Evan -- I understand better why you stick to a "Flat hierarchy" now. I will move my page to respect this. -- Mathieu 18:39, 12 Nov 2003.

Yep, I really think we need to reorganize that main page. I'm going to do it before the end of the week - I'd love also to get rid of the "CIA" stuff, which IMHO is not useful. The 22 regions can be splitted into geographical groups : north, west, center, east, southwest, southeast, plus Ile de France. That's seven, nice ! -- Mathieu 18:35, 12 Nov 2003.

So, France has 22 official regions and 96 official departements. I think this is too many to handle gracefully on this page, and I think we need to split up the country into our own regions (not the official ones, but travel ones). My attempt is on the France page -- corrections more welcome than comments. -- Evan 13:54, 6 Nov 2003 (PST)