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NOTE: Personally, I would suggest sticking with a much warmer sleeping bag - I just went on the trek to Base Camp (April 2010), and at the lodges at higher altitude it can be very cold at night. Some nights involved several layers of clothes, a very thick sleeping bag, plus the extra blankets on offer! You can rent a good sleeping bag from Kathmandu for R50 per day - that's less tahn US$1 per day - well worth it! And your porter carries it for you! Ian Usher


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There is no template called wide image at Wikitravel. And 1500 px is far, far too big for any image here. The mark up should be something like [[image:Everest base camp.jpg|400px|thumb|right]]. All that assumes an image Everest base camp.jpg actually exists at Wikitravel, and I see that it does not. --Burmesedays 21:14, 16 May 2010 (EDT)

Some corrections:

1) The foto shows the Everest Base Camp on the Tibet-Side. It doesn't refer to the Nepal Everest Trek.

2) A warm sleeping bag necessary (Comfort Temperature: at least -10 C°).

  The blankets offered in the tea-houses are never washed and smell terrible.
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