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Really nice start! Majnoona

There's already a format for Wikitravel:restaurant listings. We don't use dollar-signs, but instead a rough estimate for the cost of a meal. --Evan 16:41, 29 Feb 2004 (EST)


I have added a link to in the golf section. I'm no golfer so someone else from Edmonton who does golf might want to add some of that info to the page like the Par and a short review of some of the courses. Just an idea :) - Magu2k

Some ideas to add

Just some ideas if someone ahs some time or knowledge, might want to add to these sections.

Might be good to add some info on Tim Hortons (other than it's brief mention in the downtown shopping section). Possibly in the food section? the Coffee shops subsection?

Hawrelak Park (other than brief mentions in the festivals area)

I would add more info on golf, myself, but have virtually no golf knowledge at all.

the Work section

the burgers subsection Mcdonalds? Kelseys? Burger Baron? Moxies?

the "Eastern European" food section - Is the perogie house coming back? or is it gone forever now?

The Sleep section. Thank god there is more Hotels than just the HoMac. What are some other good ones in Edmonton?

Also, might be an ok idea to put in a bit of info about posession of drugs, and emergency information (Hospitals, 911, etc? Not everyone esp Europeans know about or use 911)

Also, once I get a camera, I can take some pictures. Are there any particular areas that might be good to get a picture of, for adding to this page? I would think Muttart, maybe on of a nice area around the U of A, West Edmonton Mall, and a panoramic or wide view of the downtown area (For an example, see the Vancouver article) If any body offers some suggestions, I will work on getting pics of those areas for this article.


Why have the images been VFD'd without appropriate replacements? Aienan