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This is great! Lots of good info and advice. We're planning a trip to Australia for next spring, so this is just what we need.

This articles' getting really comprehensive! It looks great... I was wondering whether the specific 'Outback' information should be split off into a seperate page and added to info on taking provisions/water/first aid kits etc? KJ
Sounds like a good idea. There's lots more to tell about outback driving (without it becoming a full-fledged 4WD tutorial). But will there be enough left to tell about non-outback driving in Australia? The strange thing cars have to do in Melbourne to give way to trams when taking a right turn might be one of them... :) D.D. 14:32, 14 Aug 2003 (PDT)

What's a "sealed highway"? Is it just the same as "paved"? -- Toby the dumb American

I assume so. BTW, [[w:]] here refers to Wikitravel, not Wikipedia. I think you want WikiPedia:User:Toby Bartels. Actually, I take that back! It should point to Wikitravel, but it doesn't. I'm on it. --Evan 12:23, 3 Dec 2003 (PST)
Yes, a sealed highway means "paved". Unsealed obviously means gravel or sand if you're lucky ;). --Kirk 16 Dec 2003
In Australia and New Zealand, a sealed road often means the road has been covered with hot tar and had (fine) gravel sprinkled on it. It still can have loose stones on it but the tar sticks most of them down. A paved road is often made of a bitumen mix that does not have loose stones and does not melt or soften in summer. Unsealed roads, ie paved with loose gravel or a gravel/clay mix, are often called metaled roads. While an unmetaled road may travel over bare ground and is sometimes called a paper road if it only exists on maps or plans. -- Huttite 05:54, 9 Sep 2004 (EDT)

The picture "Driving hazards: a road train and road victim" shows a dead kangaroo, you get to see a lot of them, and a semi-trailer. Not a road train! A road train will have 2 or 3 trailers. Big Bastards, treat with respect, like the text says. mik

Updated info for speed limits in Northern Territory as of 1st January 2007. Brad Mclain 17:36, 4 January 2007 (EST)