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Um, is this content for the Dominican Republic article, or just a topic of conversation? I'm not sure where Bonao is. Majnoona
The above is copied from Travellerspoint. Unless the author is the same, this probably needs to go away...Majnoona
Poster has said via email that he holds the copyright. Moving to Boano.
Is it Boano or Bonao? -phma
Oops, Bonao is right...Majnoona

The people go crazy in Bonao!

They Dance and Drink in the Streets for 1 month CARNAVAL BONAO!!!--The month of February is an especially festive time in the Dominican Republic—it's Carnaval time!—with music and dance celebrations throughout the month. Starting on the last Sunday of January and increasing in frequency and intensity as the 27th approaches, Carnaval is not only a pre-Lenten festival here, it's also a celebration of Dominican independence. The country’s most vibrant celebrations can be found in Bonao and La Vega. And at the end of August/early September, we celebrate the Merengue Festival across the island. There are also nationwide celebrations of Corpus Christi and Semana Santa (Easter Week), not to mention that each of the cities and towns has its own patron saint, who is honored with lively fiestas patronales. All of these fiestas incorporate song and dance along with other traditional rituals. And music and dance are as important to Dominicans as eating or breathing. There's always something to celebrate here in the Dominican Republic!

If that is the case it would be nice if you could write something about these festivities in this article and (more detailed) in Bonao and La Vega. DhDh 11:23, 25 Jan 2004 (EST)