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Backpackers! Adventure Calling in Bonao!

On the hard trodden path of the backpacker, it is becoming increasing rare to discover the elusive prize that all of us seek: a hidden corner of paradise, untouched and authentic. While paradise may be a matter of personal preference, who could resist the charm of a rural Caribbean village nestled within impossibly green mountains, and crisscrossed by abundant streams and waterfalls? The wave of mass tourism to hit the Dominican Republic has, thankfully, bypassed such a place. The visitor who ventures off the beaten track of Santo Domingo-Puerto Plata-Samana etc, and heads instead for the town of Bonao, will receive just rewards for his curiosity. Bonao is the gateway to Los Quemados, a sleepy village nestled in the foothills of the Cordillera Central, a destination that remains a precious secret to those few who have enjoyed its allure. It boasts spectacular views of the lush mountain ridges as well as the clear freshwater River Yuma running through the settlement. One could spend many peaceful days here merely enjoying the natural beauty of the location and the warm hospitality of the Dominican campesinos. The adventurous will find endless diversion and pleasure from mountain activities such as horseback riding, trekking to waterfalls, and swimming in the countless babbling streams and waterholes. Anything is possible, from hiring a motorbike to explore the corkscrew roads, to setting up camp on a remote mountaintop. With the rainy season over, now is a wonderful time to explore the unique appeal of Los Quemados, Bonao.

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