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I'm just back from a trip through Western Ukraine and The Crimea and am really excited about adding the information to WikiTravel as getting any information about the place before going was really difficult. On the other hand I'm totally new at this so as I post information any advice or commentary on the quality of my work is appreciated. aburda

A very good start for a region page, but please consider moving the individual cities into their own pages — for example, Yalta already has a stub. Also, I think just "Crimea" would be better as the name, we don't usually use "The" in article names here. For reference, so does Wikipedia, and it's just Krym in the original. Jpatokal 02:51, 2 Jul 2005 (EDT)
Thanks for the info. I have a question though. The cheep guidebook I bought in the Crimea on the street was a blast to read as it was so, hmmm ... un-western in its directness. I included several humerous quotes from it on the page in 'understand.' From a copyright perspective are quotes allowed and if so what information do I need to add in order to make it legal? aburda 10:24, 2 Jul 2005 (EDT)
Quotes are allowed (within reason, fair use and all that), just cite the source and its author. Jpatokal 06:15, 3 Jul 2005 (EDT)
I agree, a good start for a region page. I agree with dropping The from the title. I also done some copyediting and changed the headings into boldings and wiki links for articles that could be written.
I have only bolded the sub regional names because I think there needs to be some thought go in to what these smaller divisions get called. Calling a region Coastal cities, Coastal mountains or Inland plains is very generic; is there a more specific name for these regions, like the coast line or mountain range? As for the Far East, that name is totally confusing, and already means another place in the world. Even callin g the regions Coastal Crimea, Upland Crimea, Inland Crimea or Eastern Crimea is better than the current division names. The Sea of Azov is potentially a good name, but we do not usually write about bodies of water, unless it is also the name given to the region around the body of water. This case may be an exception to the body of water rule. -- Huttite 20:38, 2 Jul 2005 (EDT)
From a political perspective The crimea is not divided up into regions at all but from a tourist perspect there are definately at least three distinct areas. The northern section is totally flat like Iowa and just boring farmland (I'm assuming, just passed through it by train. The mountainous region to the south, but before hitting the coast is spectacularly beautiful, has almost no tourists and is about as developed as I would imagine Mongolia would be. Once you hit the Coast its all Florida. The Eastern section is a mix of some tourism with industrialism, although could be included in the coastal section. Kerch, the farthest east I think is supposed to be very different from the Coastal area, altough I didn't go there so am not sure. Anyway, I'll think about it and try to come up with some better names sometime later this evening. I still have a ton of really usefull information I need to add to this article, when I get a free couple hours so expect a lot more....

On a side note, how do I automatically add the date and my name to each edit I make in this discussion session? I did some hunting in the help but didn't find anything (quickly). -- aburda