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The restaurants section is kind of a mess. I mean, "OXO -- high end" and the 50-or-so other entries like it can't possibly be helpful to visitors. Where is it? When are they open? What do they serve? Are they veg friendly? What does a meal there cost?

I've filled in details for my own favorites, with location and current prices pulled from the C'ville. Others are welcome to fill in more. Please.

I'd rather see a restaurant section with comprehensive information for ten local favorites than an exhaustive-but-useless list of everything on the DTM. Restaurants that we don't have details for should just be deleted.


I LOVE the exhaustive restaurant list, it is a great way to decide what to eat for dinner, even if the descriptions are a mess. Anyone want to add Ming Dynasty, The Tavern, Sam's, El Puerto, and there is also a Korean place that I think is relatively new....? --Anonymous
I'm not from there, and I really don't know about C'ville specifically, but it seems like the standard on WT is around ten restaurants per category, pick the best or your favorites or whatever. Also, the restuarant names should be Highlighted, with phone numbers where available/appropriate. As a visitor - well, frankly for me I would like to see the complete list. But perhaps it could be trimmed down a little? I do like the fact that most of them appear to be local, and not chains. Just my unsolicited opinion.--justfred 13:21, 24 October 2006 (EDT)

Suggested source of info[edit]

If anyone feels like it, a lot of information can be culled from this University-sponsored guide to Charlottesville. It's updated each year and is quite current:


I changed the status of this article from usable back to outline. None of the entries are complete (which to me means an address AND a phone #). And there's not a single hotel listed. For WT to be a printable guide, a link to the CVB is probably not the best way to list hotels. Fastestdogever 13:37, 18 February 2007 (EST)