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I'm not sure I have the year of Franco's death right. Can one of you check it? Also do we not have a Spanish phrasebook? I didn't expect to have Catalan, but maybe we should link to it anyhow, in case some Catalan speaker is feeling constructive. -- Uchuha 04:19, 2003 Nov 10 (PST)

Hello, I'm Roger, from BArcelona, I'll try to help with the phrasebook (Spanish and Catalan). Franco died November 20th, 1975. He is Buried in Valle de los Caídos, Near Madrid

Thanks for the info, and especially for the help with the phrasebook. -- Uchuha 06:56, 2003 Nov 10 (PST)

I've started with the Spanish one. I have a problem with the pronunciation (don't know the English exact sound of the words) Can somebody help?

Bird Watching

All of the text that was added to this section by has been copied from has permission been given to release this text from any copyright? -- ThomasP 08:51, 10 Feb 2006 (EST)

The contributions need to be explicitly given to us for us to keep it. Accepting it from an anonymous user just doesn't work. And if we do get the contribution explicitly given, we are unlikely to keep all the first person accounts and multiple external links to -- Colin 18:47, 10 Feb 2006 (EST)

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I have changed a sentence that said that Spanish is called Castellano in Catalunya. This isn't true. Spanish is called Castellano everywhere. An Argentinian would say they speak Castellano (although the pronunciation of the word is different).