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Revision as of 14:28, 3 October 2008 by Vidimian (talk | contribs) (The dot makes a difference)
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The dot makes a difference

I guess it’s a hard task to do, but the names (and article titles) of the sub-regions of Black Sea Turkey (and all the links and isIn tags towards them) should change. The right spelling in Turkish is Karadeniz, not Karadenız (note the dot, and the lack thereof), because ı (the dotless one) and i (with a dot on, as in English) are pretty much different letters (and different corresponding voices) in Turkish (consider viewing this Wikipedia article). Karadenız does not conform to neither Turkish nor English spelling… Thus it makes typing the subregion names for non-Turkish keyboard users harder unnecessarily.

And one more thing: Should we create a link for Kiyikoy in this article? The land on which it’s situated is called Eastern Thrace (which is ‘officially’ a part of Marmara Region), but yet it’s in Turkey, and on the coast of Black Sea. ‘Black Sea Turkey’ sounds like it should include any destination in Turkey which is somehow related to Black Sea. Maybe we should include Kiyikoy in the ‘Other destinations’ section with a short explanation, such as ‘it’s not in Black Sea Region, but it’s on the coast of Black Sea anyway’ et cetera… Any opinions? --Vidimian 10:24, 3 October 2008 (EDT)