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So I'm sure about whether to include this in the main article, since I'm pretty sure it's illegal and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that isn't aware of the risk. But, to get into the Acropolis for free since the entrance fee is damn near extortionate, you can just take the cable car up one way (4 TL) and then go to the right around the vendors. From there, follow the dirt road near where the cars park up maybe 50 meters, and head to the right around the ruins. You will see a trail that will put you inside the park in less than a minute of walking. If you go when there are a lot of tourists, I'm sure you would easily blend in. I didn't get caught when I did it with my girlfriend. Again, I'm not recommending it, it's just an option if you are traveling on a tight budget. Also, you can ride down on the cable car after buying a one-way ticket without anyone checking. Intheback 13:18, 30 June 2011 (EDT)