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Mix night club - went here on a Monday night, but were practically the only Americans in the place. However, it was crowded (in a good way) with many beautiful people. Drinks start at 30 yuan for beers, and more for mixed drinks. The club is large with several different dance floors. The music is all American hip-hop (in English) which surprised me as many people claimed to not speak English. Seems like more of a club for locals, but it might be different on the weekends.

The Beijing Dream Hostel no longer exists. I recommend to delete the entry. 1) They moved a few hundred meters, without updating their website. 2) It's very hard to find because it's written something like "Chinese Metallurgic Association" outside, nothing about a hostel and nothing in English. 3) The rooms start at 280 yuan (!), they no longer have the youth hostel typical dormitories. 4) No longer "free DVDs" and so on, like mentioned on their outdated website. -Cedric, a swiss Beijing visitor, 2010-09-09

Done, and thank you for mentioning this, --ClausHansen 10:35, 9 September 2010 (EDT)

East Apartments: Serviced Apartment Hotel

A few comments to my latest edits on the above

  • The address I put in earlier was taken from the official web page, why should we not use that? (so far, I have not changed it back). At least, we should tell which no. ring road it is on (in case, no three, which I have put bakck in)
  • Being located in CBD is stated in 'Directions' and does not need to be stated more than once. The part about why it is convenient to be in CBD is touting and has been deleted (else, the same sentence could be put in for all hotels in CBD)
  • Internet access is usually described as 'internet' and should not be called 'high speed wifi' unless these apartments' internet access is something else than in most other hotels
  • I have deleted the first word 'rates' under prices as this goes without saying and in all other listings are omitted

Please consider this before changing it back, and please argue, why you disagree ClausHansen 08:51, 3 July 2009 (EDT)